Free CoC Gems
How to get free CoC gems? is giving away 100 000 gems bonus completely for free! Every player is eligible for this giveaway. Start building faster, dominating other players and clans immediately!

Please have in mind that this is not a hack or cheat! The internet is currently plagued with these while we are offering you a completely legal way of getting bonus gems. Therefore, your account is completely safe and you will be guaranteed that it works.

First, visit and enter your CoC player name. We will check if your account is eligible.

The next step will require to share the page. Follow the instructions and share the given link anywhere you want: on CoC forums, videos, social networks and more! The system will immediately detect when you have shared the link and will let you proceed:

Then you will also be prompted to click one of the social share buttons. You can choose between Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. Alternatively, you can wait 999 seconds and skip this part without sharing:

At this point you will be already granted your 100 000 gems. The last remaining step is to complete a quick survey and verify that you are a human and the gems will be sent to your account.

After completing the verification simply launch your CoC app and see the gems roll in! This is how it looks when the gems are being added: watch a video now.

We hope this quick guide helps! Enjoy your gems and being the strongest one in your clan!

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